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Mar 11, 2013
We have eight 6-week old khaki campbells and we're getting two 1 1/2 year old buffs and a 1 year old blue swede/ancona mix this weekend. Can I house them together or should I keep them separate until the khakis are older?

Keep them separated until the Khakis are grown, and introduce them slowly. What I mean is, keep them in sight of each other from this point on, but don't just open the gate one day and walk away. You'll want to supervise and interrupt anything more serious than a little shoving and a feather yank or two. It will depend on the ducks how long it takes. I am still socially engineering what I want to be one flock, after months.

The first time we brought new ducks in, it took a couple of days.
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Thank you! That's really helpful.

At what age are they considered full grown? They're pretty big now, but this is our first time with ducks so I'm a newbie.

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