Hova bator question?


9 Years
Jan 23, 2011
I just bought a 1602n incubator with turner. Some inexpensive eggs are on the way via ebay.

Anybody ever try hatching eggs with one of these by following the directions that come with it? I'm going to give it a shot. No hygrometer, digital thermometers or hand wringing.

Any predictions for wild success or dismal failure?

I hope the eggs get here, talk about counting your chicks before they are hatched. : )
I have hatched quite a few batches of chicks
in this model. I really like it.

I would however, go to Walmart and buy the 10.00 digital thermometer/ humidity meter by Springfield.

It is so much easier to read than the small bulb thermometer that comes with the incubator.

If the incubator is used, then I would thoroughly clean/ bleach and rinse it first. Also turn it on now and get the temperature right where it needs to be.

Once the eggs get here add hot water to the trays in the bottom, and make sure that the egg turner is attached correctly.

Allow the eggs to settle at room temperature for several hours and then put in the incubator. Check temperature several times a day and then candle on day 7.

There you have it.
I put the eggs in at noon today, Friday, 3/4/10. 22 of the eggs came about noon Wednesday and 10 on noon Thursday. The incubator got back up to 100 degrees between lunch today and getting off work time. Will plug in the turner before I go to bed tonight or in the morning.

God speed little chickens.
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Well, this is disapointing, 15 of my 32 eggs are still perfectly clear after 9 days.
50% is what you should expect for shipped eggs.

I got a dozen last December and only got 1 roo. (3 made it to lockdown)
50% is what you should expect for shipped eggs.

I got a dozen last December and only got 1 roo. (3 made it to lockdown)

True-- So remenber folks if you're buying eggs at $15 per dozen plus 15 for shipping, the chicks are effectively costing five dollars apiece.
Well that is the chance you take with shiped eggs, I ordered 1 doz. from a very rep. breeder & they sent me 16 eggs, 7 made it to lock down, 6 hatched, & I am very happy with them, I just needed a start, & thats what I got, bottom line, shipped eggs are a risk, but a good way to get good breeding stock.
Well, the first chick just made it out of the shell. Set them at noon on a Friday and it cleared the shell at 3.30 pm on Saturday. There were 13 eggs that made it to lockdown and right now I can only see that 5 others have pipped or are starting to zip.
One last update. I have seven chicks that seem to be thriving. Not counting the cost of the incubator, supplies, feed or electricity; I only have $15 each invested in them. Sure hope they are tasty. : )


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