Hovabator 2362,1583 need reviews on these "please"

Feathered Wings

11 Years
Oct 9, 2008
I have my money saved up and it's time to get a incubator

My first choice was a 1588 but they are expensive and I could only get one and I really need two as I want to hatch Ducks in one and Chickens in the other.

So I was thinking of getting 2 of the other hovabators and I narrowed them down to the 2362 & 1583 and they will have a turner of course.
It appears the only difference in those 2 is one is a picture window and the other isn't

Does anyone have these and can tell me how good they are and how easy were they to adjust the heat and just general performance
I have one of these with a turner. I hatched silkies and rouen ducks last summer without a stitch of trouble. Temps did great. It has a wafer thermostat and takes a little getting use to but once you learn how much to adjust it. it does fine. NOW with that being said, I have a batch of silkies on lockdown now and have had more trouble regulating both temp and humidity this time. I believe it has to do with the weather. I don't like to run my central heat for very long periods of time because it dries the air out inside my house, so my house tends to stay a little cool. With outside temp changes (i.e warmer during the day, colder at night), the temp in my house also flucuates, which in turn I believe messes with temp in bator. When I do run the heat, it dries out the air in my house thus dropping the humidity in the bator. When I hatched last summer, my house stayed about 65 degrees at all times and being in SW Louisiana, it's ALWAYS humid in the summer. I even had the bator in my dining room next to a large picture window. I was very pleased with my hatches last summer and did not hesitate to pull this thing out of the attic and start again. So, I tend to blame all of the problems I've had this time on the weather and not so much on the bator. If I don't get a good hatch this time, I'm just gonna wait until May or June and ty again. Hope I helped and didn't confuse you. I would guess that my problems would be pretty common no matter what bator you have.

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