Hovabator or Genesis 1588


12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
Refrigerator bator in the works, but I need something sooner than that due to eggs on the way and the LG bator not working well. Which is better, Genesis 1588 or Hovabator?
I think the Genesis 1588 is a Hovabator. Kind of like the make and model. Is there another incubator you are looking at besides the 1588? Just trying to help you get the best answer possible.
The Genesis 1588 is made by Hovabator. I have only used mine once, but it sure did the trick! I had no issues with temp or humidity the whole time. You might be able to find a used one on BYC, check around, and good luck!
Yep, same unit. I have one on the way. The best price I found was through STROMBERGS CHICKS AND GAMEBIRDS, and they shipped the very next day after ordering.
Just ordered a 1588 from Home and Barn Basics Sat. Is it just me or is the STROMBERGS site a little hard to shop?
By this I mean why can't they just use the model #'s instead of that big ol' description? They just make it harder for me to post-purchase price compare so I will have buyers remorse.

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