How about this integration scenario?

Tina D

9 Years
Sep 2, 2010
Dutchess County, NY
I know, everyone is tired of the "adding a new chicken to the flock" questions... LOL But, I think mine is a bit different?

Two weeks ago today, I brought my 2 ladies home: A 4 year old BO and a 1 year old polish/cochin bantam. I adore them! However, I am wishing I would have gotten 3. This is why... My older hen has definitely taken on the leader/protector/mother role over the younger one. They are getting along well. However, the older girl has arthritis. She isn't able to scamper around exploring as well as the younger one. She is happy to just relax in the sun and be pampered, providing that she is able to see the young girl at all times. So cute, but she seems to get nervous if she can't see her. Watching my younger hen run around exploring, alone, makes me feel a little sad for her! I wish I had adopted another chicken of her age, so she would have more of a playmate.

I adopted my hens from a woman with a farm. The woman's sister has siblings of my younger hen's. I am very tempted to ask if I can adopt one of the siblings. Since I have only had the girls 2 weeks, and there are only 2 of them, do you think it would be easier for them to accept another bird? I would certainly still quarantine for safety. But, how bad do you think the fighting would be? My BO is very mellow. My cochin/polish is a goofball. She is kooky and curious about everything. They both have wonderful, if very opposite, temperments.
I'm sure someone who's gone through this will respond (my circumstances have not been exactly the same), but I thought I'd add my two cents.

Unless there is another reason to add a third one, I think your 2 chickens will be fine. My experience is that while chickens do interact, they don't really play together. Think of two 2 year olds--while they may be playing side by side in the same room, they don't really play together. Chickens are the same way. So unless you want a third chicken for another reason, I would keep my two, and be satisfied that despite their age differences they are very happy together.
Thanks, vstoltzfus! True, they wouldn't exactly play together. But, I figured that in terms of companionship, it might be better. Plus, I've been thinking that (God forbid) one should die, the other would be alone. I'm kicking myself, I should have just gotten 3 to start with! LOL

Any one else ever add 1 or 2 birds to a small flock?? From reading up, it looks like it's tougher to add only 1 new bird.

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