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    Oct 21, 2015
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    Well....yes the Cornish cross has made chicken cheaper. Chicken is now one of the cheaper meats. But we now have an obesity epidemic, much because we now have such cheap food. I think it is great that so few Americans go hungry. But I think it is tragic that so many, especially our poor are morbidly obese.
    Now the broiler alone did not create our problems, no more then feedlots and over processed corn based foods have. But all togeather they are most likely the root of the problem.
    As far as being inhumane. They are not my favorite breed. The problem with the Cornish Cross growing as quickly as they do is their bones cannot keep up, nor can their heart. They have a multitude of health problems mainly because of their rapid growth rate, and their huge bodies. Also he completely ignores the deplorable living conditions those birds live in, in large commercial farms.
    I think Cornish cross will always have its place. I myself have grown a few. But I am very happy to see so many looking for alternatives to the Cornish Cross.

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