How and where do you store hatching eggs?


10 Years
Dec 6, 2009
How and where do you store hatching eggs? How long are they viable? How many eggs are in a clutch?
store mine in egg cartons small end down, cool around 60 degress, i prop up one end of the carton and swap ends daily, nothing over 10 days before you incubate, i have even put them in the bator on the turner, then when i have enough or ten days have come i plug in the preset bator.
BarredBuff, so am I sick of snow and ready for spring! Of course that will mean MUD!

I store hatching eggs, as said before, in a carton, small end down, in the coolest room in the house, which in our case is the bedroom.

I will store up to 10 days. This is for myself. If I were going to ship them, it would be less.

I store mine in my auto turner down in the basement in a large cooler with one ice pack which keeps them about 55 - 60 degrees

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