How and where to set a trap for dummies (or wife left home alone)


9 Years
Jul 9, 2010
Delaware, Arkansas
My DH is working out of state for another month. I know we have pack rats in the outbuildings and I have a trap for that as well as putting out bar bait in enclosed buildings. However I also have a larger trap to catch 'bigger' predators. How do I set it, where do I put it and what should I bait it with?

I live way out in the country up on a mountain. There are fox, coyote and feral cats. I have not seen the fox but my husband has. I would just rather get them in the trap as in my coop or run. Coop is pretty secure. Run is covered well.

P.S.- I am not trying to set the trap for dummies as the title says....just sayin'
Living where you do, you probably also have racoons, opossums, bobcats, skunks, snakes, coyotes, feral hogs, bears, and owls. To set your trap, try going to the manufacturer's web site for directions, or ask a friend/neighbor/Fish & Game agent how to set. You may also want to consider what you plan to do with an animal you trap. In most parts of the country, it is ILLEGAL to relocate a wild animal. How are you going to deal with the animal?? As for bait, lots of folks here used canned cat food, tuna, raw chicken (or left over parts of attacked chickens), sardines, marshmellows, and the list goes on. You'll also need to stake down the trap so the animal can't roll it over and chance him getting loose. Many put a cinder block on top of trap. Others here will help with more advice. I have so far, not had to use one yet, but if I do, I've done some homework on it!
I will look the trap up online and read about it.

My DH said he has never seen a racoon up here in the 30 years he has lived here. I know they are down on the highway and that is at least 7 miles away. That does not mean they can't move in this direction however. Killed a copperhead earlier this year. Did not kill the black snake because they were all yelling at me....I needed to study it you see and see what kind of snake it was. Don't like snakes. Opossums yes have seen them but not recently. Skunks...yep, smelled them. Coyotes I have seen down the mountain. There are big dogs down our lane so probably that helps in keeping them away a bit. My husband says there are bear.....I hope they live on the other side of the mountain. Just sayin'....owls, feral hogs and bobcats....don't know about them for sure. Ah, the country!

I really bought the trap for the feral cat. Have seen it. It does not look good at all. Not going to rescue it because I have a cat that I keep in my house and do not want another. But I am concerned with how it looks and what it will do through the winter months. I have a nephew that will help me should I actually catch anything. He has a weanie dog and I told him if it caught Sammy I would give him back.....maybe after a day and maybe that would keep him from skulking around.

If I should trap the fox I am good with that also. I am just getting ready for just in case! And maybe the cat.


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