How any eggs in a clutch?


10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
I have had my one and only hen for a couple months now. (I also have a rooster) I started leaving the eggs in the house so she'd sit. I now have 20 eggs in the house and she doesn't seem to be interested in sitting. Are there too many eggs, should I remove some of them?
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Some hens just don't go broody. I believe you could just leave a wooden egg in the coop and she would be just as likely to go broody on that as a clutch of eggs. 20 seems like a lot of eggs though.
What breed is she? Some breeds are less broody then others (like silkies are very broody while RIR aren't as much in general.)
She was given to me, previous owner said she is a game hen. So would I be better off collecting the eggs, and giving them back once she shows signs of sitting?

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