How bad is it?


8 Years
Sep 15, 2011
Out of poor planning, I had to pick up my incubator and move it on Day 19 (lockdown) and some of the eggs rolled around a bit. Nothing cracked and it wasn't a dramatic move. But they did roll around and get moved. I did not open the incubator as temp and humidity were good.

Now the chicks are supposed to be positioning themselves to hatch, right? They get knocked around quite a bit from other hatched chicks on hatch day.

Is it something to worry about that the got rolled a bit on Day 19? Is that silly to worry about that?

As chicks hatch they run around the Incubator pretty muck playing soccer with all of the eggs. As long as none are cracked they should be fine. Keep us posted on how your hatch goes? how many and what kind are hatching?

Nine silkies due to hatch tomorrow. Last week I hatched 4 barnvelders, 7 silkies and 5 bantam ameracaunas (this was my first hatch). 8) I've definitely got the bug.
Chicken math can cause some problems! I originally wanted 25 chickens so I searched Craigslist and found someone about 1 hour away. I asked him how much he wanted for them and he said $5 each for 25 or $3 each if I took all 55. Well a little after that I was driving home with 55 chickens! I raised them up and sold most of them as they were mostly mixed breed RIR, BO, and BR. The most chickens I ever had was about 70 this spring and next spring I plan on having about 35-40 Breeders and 50-80 RSL for Eggs. I now have an incubator that holds 18 dozen eggs and a hatcher that is the same size. I hatch quite a few chicks in the spring and summer and I really enjoy it! I am still learning new things about hatching!

Well My incubator currently has about 9 Dozen RSL eggs due tin the next few weeks! I still am going to put in 60 more eggs in the next week or 2.

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What is it about hatching and having chickens that is so addicting? I just don't get it. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally addicted, but I don't know why!
They should be ok. I wouldn't worry about it because you can't do anything about it. So think happy thoughts and think everything will be ok.
I *think* I heard some peeping today, though I've got other chicks so I'm not 100% sure where the peeping I heard was coming from. I *think* the incubator in addition to the brooder. 8)

I know... I won an auction again tonight! Oh, my husband will roll his eyes!! It is fun. It's totally addicting. I find I really enjoying just watching them.

I guess I need a t-shirt that says something like "chicken math -- I'm hooked" or something. Fun to hear of your addictions, too!

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