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How big a brooder do I need to make for 33 chicks (white Dorkings, EEs, Speckled Sussex and Dominiqu

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DownwardDog, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Songster

    Now that I've decided NOT to go the hatchery route, I'm forced to get straight-run chicks, which doubles the amount of chicks I was originally planning! So how big a brooder do I need to make in our basement for 33 chicks? Is this crazy?!?! I might be forced to put that many out in the coop earlier than later!!!!! maybe at 6 weeks?

    The other alternative could be waiting to get the Dominique's until fall, as pullets. Since they'll be the same age, roughly, it will be easy to integrate them, yes? All Roos except 1 Dorkng will be going in the freezer.

    So which scenario is best for a newbie? I'm mostly concerned with keeping 33 chicks in my small basement:)
    Thanks for any and all input, everyone:)


  2. Fred's Hens

    Fred's Hens Crowing Premium Member

    We never brood inside. Always outside. Typically we brood around 16-24 chicks and our 5x8 utility trailer is just big enough for two dozen chicks to make 5 weeks and then out to the barn grow out pen.

    33 chicks would create a TON of dust and smells. There is simply zero, nada, none, zip possible way we can have that in our house, basement or not. Our breathing would be seriously affected.

    When I used to brood out 250 chicks, we simply did it on the coop floor. Millions of chicks are brooded out in barns and coops, right on the floor. Makes sense.

    You'll also have to have multiples of everything, Feeders, waterers, and heat lamps setups. A basic heat lamp would have great difficulty to making a large enough diameter warm spot for that many chicks. Enjoy your journey.


    Last edited: Feb 26, 2013
  3. DownwardDog

    DownwardDog Songster

    That trailer is a great idea, wish I had one!

    Our coop is being built -- future chicks will be bred in the coop with Mama Hen:)
    This journey is incredible and I don't even have chicks yet!

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