How big should a yard and house be for 128 chickens?

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  1. floridachickhatcher

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    May 22, 2011
    My mom and me are going to hopefully build our third and finally chicken yard and house and we are going to have 125 chickens in there well 128 counting the 3 BO roosters we will have then and i know we need 25 nesting boxs how big would you say everything needs to be to house that many? Will be a mixture of EE,BO,RIR,BR,WR,BA i asked my mom if i could hatch her out 70 chicks to finish up the flock would she let me order 25 BO to finish up to make it 100 ^_^ so im very happy now that im fixing to get the chicken i have been wanting for over a year and a half now [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Jun 13, 2011
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    Its party time in the hen house (to be) !! Best of luck in your endeavor!!
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    4 square feet per bird x 125 birds = 500 square feet of coop
    10 square feet x 125 birds = 1250 square feet of run

    Maybe 20' x 25' for the coop plus 50' x 25' for the run . Do you already have some coops and runs? You could keep smaller coops and yards, perhaps one per breed? [​IMG]
    *Whew* That's an awful lot of chickens! I can't even imagine!
  4. dgecko

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    Feb 22, 2011
    OMG 125 plus chicks or chickens all due the same time wow. Don't go and burn yourself out. I would do this a whole different way if I was doing this. If your starting out with chicks thats a lot to tend to at one time. You will have to be carefull not to crowd them, making sure you have the lights to keep them all warm but not hot. Fresh feed, fresh water, fresh bedding is just a few things you will have to be on top of. You will have some that grow like crazy and then you will have what is a runt which you might have to put in another place to keep from being stomped on. I really hope you do good on this but for your first time I would of practiced on fewer birds. I would of gone to the swaps and ASKED questions on whats good for the chicks. I wish you the best of luck but don't let this burn you out on raising chickens if you have a bad turnout. Ask questions and when you think you know what you need ask again there are MANY fine people here at BYCs that will be happy to help you. As far as BO chickens had them they were very nice calm birds but I didn't like the food-egg ratio so I sold mine. If your looking for eggs production on your birds I might of gone with RIR, BA, White leghorn and theres a few more breeds that are egg laying fools. Also if your going to ever want to set these chickens eggs you might want to keep their breed true and only keep one breed per pen. Also at these swaps you can find most of the birds you said you plan on having. Support the swaps because you get better birds, healthy birds, no shipping cost, and you help other chicken/pet lovers share their stock. You get to meet the person that raised the birds you want and you get a chance to chit chat with the sellers and pick their brain for more chicken ideas. Again good luck.
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    That's like "how long is a piece of string".

    It just depends how much space you want to give them.

    Remember that with that many chickens housed all together, when something goes wrong (disease, parasites, cannibalism) it will go very very wrong very very suddenly and be near-impossible to fix aside from making a lot of soup and then starting over.

    Good luck, have fun,

  6. floridachickhatcher

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    May 22, 2011
    LOL this isn't our first time with chickens we have 2 chicken yards already with 30 chickens in both and then a rooster& non laying hen yard but its just that my mom said we should have 4 yards but its just going to be me and her building it and the 2nd coop we built took us a month and i dont think i could build 2 more yards unless done in winter and at which point we are building coop 3 in Sept im hoping by then the horrible heat will be lessened and right now we have 27 chicks in the brooder 28 really but i think my little WR/RIR is going to die and we have RIR,WR,BR and BA but the lady we bought those from was lying about them laying cause i told my mom lets really test them to see if they are laying and we tossed 3 BA into the non laying pen with 2 nesting boxs and come tomorrow will be 4 days since they been in there if nothing then mark another hen and into the pen she goes. A co-op we sell to wants 100 dozen eggs a week and right now we can only give them 20-25 dz

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