How big should the Duck Area be??


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Jul 14, 2009
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How big should me pens/coop/runs be for about 7 muscovy each??

1male & the rest are females.

I plan to have a 'small' pond inside and covered area for them. but not sure how much 'extra' room they should have.

it will also have plants/bushes inside if i can find anything.

i need 3 pens for my

1. black/blue/silvers

2. chocolates/lilacs

3. For Sale/Extra's
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From other threads I've gathered they need about 10 sq ft of run per bird and 4 sq ft of shelter as a rule of thumb. However, there are a LOT more knowledgeable people than me on here who will say for sure.

I don't know if those guidelines change based on what breed you have. I'm very interested to see what others say.
OK, they should have PLENTY of room in the 'Run' then. I will have to get a picture up of the field i plan on using.

anyone else have any input on how big an Covered Area they should have?

It may be a building that's open on the front and left side, depending on how i plan to set up the nesting for the girls.

I want them to have plenty of room to run around but also plenty for nesting & to stay out of the weather if they want.

not sure yet how i am going to set up the nesting boxes.
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