how big?

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8 Years
Jun 19, 2011
so i want to have about 6 standard size hens! would a 4x4x4 coop with 3 nest boxes, and an 8x4x4 run be big enough for them?
I would make it bigger. Mine is 6ft x 4ft and once there are nest boxes, roosts, feeder and waterer it is a little crowded when all 6 are in there moving around. When I bought my hens the man recommended a 10x10 coop if they were not going to be let out frequently.
The problem we have here, and the reason most of us are here, is because we just can't get enough. If you build it, they will come. And it will sooner or later not be big enough. So you will build another, and so on, and so on......You will catch on soon enough. Make it bigger now, beats trying to add on in the winter. Or having chicks living in the house till your bathtub.... like me....
You could probably get away with a coop that size, but I would make the run at least 4x12.

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