how can i encourage my silkie hen to go broody ?


10 Years
Jun 16, 2009
South Wales
hey, is there a way i can encourage my silkie hen to go broody ?

shes not far off a year old and im going to see if i can get 6 pekin chicken eggs tomorrow and i want her to hatch them

me and my father are going to make a coop 4ft long 2ft wide with a run for her to be alone with the eggs

pleaseeee help me.


Putting about 6-12 eggs in a pile with some fresh straw in a protected area seems to trigger broodiness in my ducks
i put in 10 eggs in her nest box the one she always uses..
the next day she was broody...
I wish I could get mine to STOP going broody - I finally got her to stop after four weeks or so and two weeks later she's broody again! Good luck!

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