How can I get my Drake to stop attacking me?


Jun 13, 2020
I own a male and female white calls, and over the past month, my drake has developed anger issues, pecking and attacking my legs and feet, which leave marks and hurt, and he has plucked all the feathers out of my females head, any suggestions to get them to stop attacking me and preferably my females head? I have tried looking for another female to settle him down but it’s very hard to find a separate female!


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With my runner ducks, females without feathers on their heads means the drakes are being quite enthusiastic with their mating. Although, none of my boys seem that interested in breeding this time of year.

My best guess is that your boy is a little oversexed right now and is seeing you as a threat or competition with his girl. I hope you can find another female. I lost two girls last winter and added four babies this spring in hopes that all the girls will have an easier time of it next year when the three boys are feeling their oats.

Maybe you could get a couple more girls instead of just one? More, if possible, is not only better, it also feeds my runner duck addiction.

Good luck with your ducks!
I have a similar problem. My Pekin Duck (male) goes for my fingers and legs and hurts quite a lot. He also attacks our female Muscovy who is only a couple months old and plucks at her feathers even trying to pin her head it seems :V
Good reading thank you
The best thing you can do is get him more girlfriends. I took the name Drakzilla when I first started on this forum Moca now a grandpa only had one duck and thought I was his other girlfriend. I like to were flip flops in the summer and he drew blood 2 times. Finally I learned 3 things Herd your ducks daily it helps to tell the drake your boss not a girlfriend. In the I run them down the fence then relees them so they can fly home. When the drakes are getting a little over powering with the ducks we do a 24 hour time out. and the best of all pick him up tuck him under your arm until he calms put him down and of yes he will come back for more so do it again. repeat till he realizes he would rather be with his girlfriend, after a few times all you will need to do is reach to pick him up and he will back off ps thats him in my picture I spent a summer
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