How can I get nice ducks


Apr 20, 2019
Northern Minnesota
Hi! So I got 3 ducks this spring and they are currently 6 1/2 weeks old! I have a Pekin and I think two khaki Campbells but not for sure on the khaki Campbells . I spent LOTS of time with these babies as they have been growing! I picked them up, talked to the , gave them treats, sang to them and they are still skittish and waddle away if I come anywhere close to them!😕 I’ve had them eat out of my hand 2times and that was because they were in a dog kennel and wanted food ..I really would like nice friendly ducks! They have never been mean to me just skittish. When I hold them they are pretty calm but I have to corner them to pick them up. And while in cornering them the are wagging their tales like they are having a good time but they are running away and making noise! Like they’re sad or scared! And that makes me sad🙁
Does anyone have experience with this? Idk if they are boys or girls yet.
If anyone can help please reply!


Jul 29, 2019
With my experience, Khaki Campbells are usually pretty skittish. But I have read that they will begin to calm down a bit as they get older. My drake has started to eat from my hand if I sit on the ground and stay still, so you could try that with all three of yours. Remember to be patient with the process of building trust with them. Hope this helps

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