How can i get rid of these Bears?


8 Years
Apr 16, 2011
2 weeks ago I had a bear tear apart my quail coop killing a few of them in broad daylight. I did chase her off with rubber buckshot that the game warden gave to me. Now this week bears got into my kids smaller coop and killed 6 young speckled Sussex on us. Granted it was only chicken wire enclosure,the bear tore it apart till it got to them and also beat the door up real bad.
Does anyone else have issues with Bears? What do you do to prevent them from coming around? I would thought the shotgun might have scared them off but there may be many different bears around.


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Holy crap. If bears feel that comfortable on your property, sometimes the only thing you can do is put them down. Animal Control might be able to tranq and relocate, though. Other than bear spray (and who wants to be that close to a stinking bear?), I haven't heard of any serious bear deterrent.

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