How can I tell bantam from standard bantam polish?


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Jan 26, 2007
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I found a bunch of Polish today at TSC (2 different ones). They were all in the bantam bin. I bought all I could find. Here's the there a way I can tell NOW if they are bantam or standard? The only reason I ask is because these colors are very hard to find from anyone in bantam (I've been looking for a year + for several of these colors in bantam) much less hatchery so I find it hard to believe that these are truly bantams.

TIA! :)
hehe You'd think, but if you don't have standards to compare them would you know? They're similar height to my bantam cochins except the vaulted skull on the head makes them a bit taller.

These are days olds.
I have no clue. I have a tiny little polish that came as an extra from a hatchery. his name is howard cause he looks like howard stern!

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