How can I tell whether or not my Coturnix is a male or female?

Quail Keeper

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6 Years
Apr 27, 2013
I have seen people talking about checking the breast feathers to tell whether or not the are male or female but I have no idea what I am looking for. I have one Coturnix that is almost 6 weeks old and others that are only 2 weeks old. Thanks for all the help!
Are they white, dark brown, tan, or brown and tan? If they are white you won't be able to tell by breast feathers. If you're able to post pictures we may be able to help more.
For my normal coloration birds I had a good idea by 3 weeks and could have seen at 2 had I not had all of one gender and thus no contrast to compare them!
Quail Keeper.... are the quail your talking about the ones in your Profile Picture? I may be mistaken, but one of the quail appears to be a male bobwhite. (Please somebody correct me if I am wrong.) Can you post a better picture of them? I'm sure that would help out.
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No, the quail in my profile picture is not the ones I am talking about, and yes, there is a male and female bobwhite. The ones I am talking about are tanish and brown hatchings. The guy I got them from said that they could be breast sexed but I just don't know how. Mine are now about 4 weeks old. I will post a picture in a minute.



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