How can i tell which ones are EEs?

mom wewantchicks!

11 Years
Apr 23, 2008
im trying to find someone to put in an order for chicks with me. if not i would like to get a few ee chicks and the local feed store just gets a "mix of pullets". so if there are any ee in there,how can i tell? im sure this is a dumb question but i have no idea!!
the EE's will have chipmunky markings and/or puffy cheeks with kohl markings around the eyes.

they also may already have some grey on the legs/feet.

have fun with your new chicks!
Yes and this year people are starting to see a lot of EE chicks that are not chipmunk marked. I was stoked when I found some at my feed store-just had to pick two up!
The feed store may also call them "Ameraucanas".
good news,well for me anyway lol. after a few more calls i got ahold of the lady at the other feed store and i will have some babies on the 30th! holy crap i better go get ready!!!

Note the pea comb and muffs/beard
Most will be chipmunk striped... but some will be white/yellow or other mixed shades/patterns of brown.


Here's a good example of what a lot of 'green' legs look like while they are very young.

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