How can I telll about a chicken breed on the side?

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    Ok,so you guys know where breed of chickens are listed an d people tell about em',how exactly can I do it?

  2. If you're serious, you can get the Breed "Bible" the ultimate encyclopedia of poultry breeds. Beautiful color photos and official descriptions (standards) for all the breeds.


    This information is simply not available, unfortunately, on the interweb. Nowhere else is this information assembled in one place, with this official level of accuracy. If purchasing the book is not possible for you, then I might suggest two things.

    1. Go the the library and check and see if they have a copy, even a recent past copy, and check it out for taking home to study.
    2. Buy a used copy of the Standard from say, 20 years ago. These are often available on reputable used book sites for as little as $16 plus shipping. Warning: Do not buy electronic versions. They're a waste of time and often illegal photo copies of copyrighted material.

    Again, this kind of accurate information is NOT available willy nilly on the web. It simply isn't. THIS is the encyclopedia, the certified, official collection of the information you seek. It's a big, thick book and you'll enjoy studying it for many, many hours. Some folks have been studying it all their lives and still refer to when checking on something.

    Warning: Do not use hatchery marketing material. Hatcheries are businesses that seek to sell their products. They don't have all the breeds, their photos are often misleading, and their products are not bred to breed standards in any case. Just be careful about using material off the web or from hatchery marketing catalogs as anything authoritative.

    I hope this helps. Poultry is not learned overnight. For many hobbyists, breeders and fanciers it is life long journey and life long experience of learning. Nobody "knows it all" and no one learns all this quickly.
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    Worth every penny. Not only does it contain breed standards for all accepted breeds and varieties, the first 40 or so pages contain valuable information for all breeders. Ideal body structure, comb types (ideal type and disqualifications), extra toes, feather patterns, wing placement, and so on.

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