How can there be that much humidity?

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    I incubated eggs in the summer and I had the hardest time keeping humidity up. I had to get a humidifier. I am incubating eggs now, in fall, and there is like no water in the incubator at all and the humidity is at 40 on one temp taker and 46 on the other. I mean I have not had to add water very often at all. It is holding in the humidity real well. I would have thought that in the summer when it is so humid here that it would have been doing fine and now when there is not as much it should be harder to keep it up. This has baffled me. By the way, I have read up on humidity and i know some stay in the 40 range and some a little lower. Is my humidity ok? I just put them in yesterday.
    Also, I have the the temp taker from incubatorwarehouse

    [​IMG] and [​IMG]and [​IMG]from walmart in there.
    The thing was before I put in eggs the first one and last one were pretty much the same. I know after putting in eggs they go wonky and I expected that and now they have evened out again. The thing is the fist says it is 98, the second 99, and the last 100. I know that 98 aint that bad that it can make the eggs develop slower but should I try to get it higher up or not since the others say they are high enough. Thanks.

    I figure i am okay at this point but i tend to overthink and worry. [​IMG]
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    I have pretty much the same set up as you. I have the incubator warehouse egg-o-meter and remote temp and humidity thermometer. I also bought the Incubator warehouse thermostat for controlling my incubator. I have been pretty happy with it. Generally my egg-o-meter reads a higher temp than my temp & humidity meter, but i have read about those thermometers that take humidity also not being as accurate as the humidity effects what the thermometer thinks the temperature is. The humidity has no effect on the egg-o-meter because the probe is enclosed within a sealed egg. My hatches have been hatching a day or sometimes even two days early, so I think the temp is too high anyway. When my egg-o-meter reads 99.5, the other one reads 99.1-99.3. and the thermostat for the incubator reads around 99.5.

    All that for my armature opinion of don't worry about it, if its a little low, as I suspect in my case anyway that the egg-o-meter is reading a bit high.

    I am in the market for a humidity controller if you have any ideas please advise.

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