How common is it for swedish ducks to have a crest?


5 Years
Mar 19, 2014
I just picked up a blue and black duckling as a "replacement" for a pekin duckling that my nephew lost to an unknown predator. They have since been moved to a MUCH more secure pen, so I'm not worried about that happening again.

I got them from a bin of "mixed ducklings" but they appeared to be a blue swedish and a black swedish. The exception was - they BOTH have crests. I've personally never seen a crested swedish before. But then I don't live in an area where people tend to deviate into new lines of breeding either. Many people here haven't even HEARD of a swedish duck.

So how common is it to find a crested swedish duck?
Well, here's what I've got now...



One blue, one black, and a possible mallard

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