How crazy is this:


11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
I ordered week old chicks from a local hatchery because I would rather pay more so I wouldn't have to have that week of stress my first time raising chicks.

So, we are waiting for the order to be ready and I am getting nervous that we will do something wrong, like they won't be warm enough at night in the shed with a light, or they will get overheated and 'paste up' or something.

So, I went to the feed store and got some day olds cause they are cheaper, and I can see if we are going to be ok when we get the week olds.

Now, why didn't I just get day olds to start with you ask. Well, cause I am obviously crazy!

We got them on Friday and they have been doing just fine so far.
But hey, at least I get a neat selection at the hatchery, lol.

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