How critical is temperature during lockdown?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by novaman, May 30, 2010.

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    May 10, 2010
    I am asking because I am running a staggered hatch and considering using my LG as a hatcher. I have had issues with temp fluctuations in the LG in the past so I retired it in favor of my Genesis 1588. I have one day until lockdown on the first batch of chicken eggs and haven't decided whether to give the LG a shot and risk losing my chicks right before they hatch. The other eggs are guineas and I really don't want to put them in the LG and risk losing them either! I guess my question is, how critical is the temp while the eggs are in lockdown? Can they handle temps that may be a bit below 100 for most of lockdown? I guess I am favoring running the LG a bit on the cool side rather than cook them. The other thing I am considering is removing all but one tray on the turner and leave all eggs in the Genesis. I would have to run the guinea eggs at high humidity for a handful of days but I wouldn't have to worry about temp at all. Grrrr this frustrates me. Any advice would be great as I need to make a decision by tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
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    A lo9t of people lower the temp. for lockdown. I don't mess with it because I use my incubator and don't want to have to try to get it back to incubating temps. It doesn't seem to be nearly as critical as humidity. I don't measure humidity but I throw in a sponge and make sure the water is full. About a week ago I had a broody off the nest all day (an egg had exploded and they all reeked) I brought them in the house and tried the 'float them in warm water to see if they wiggle' thing and they didn't but I scrubbed them up and threw them into the incubator and yesterday I had four healthy chicks out of six eggs. They can take a lot more abuse than you would think.

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