How different can hatch dates be???

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    Had six eggs in lockdown (candled with chicks inside), now on Day 22. Only one chick hatched so far, and it pipped / hatched overnight Day 20 / 21. It hung out in the bator for ~6 hours to dry and "instigate" the others. As for the rest, no peeps, no pips, no egg vibrating, etc. ??

    Can I reasonably expect other eggs to hatch in the next three days if there is no activity now, after being "stirred up" by the first hatchling?

    Will leave them in the bator until day 25 nonetheless, as I learned my lesson with the last hatch, but would REALLY love some insights from others on the forum so I can keep my hopes in check. Incubated in a Brinsea Eco Advance with a hygrometer I added after market (so full temp / humidity control).

    THANK YOU!!!
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    I am not a very experienced hatcher, but I had one hatch 2 days later than the others in my Brinsea, I think day 23. Two were left at day 25, which I float tested and they were duds.
    Good luck! It is hard waiting.

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