How do duck shows work?


10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
Sorry if I sound like a newbie. As far as the showing world goes, I am.

I've been thinking of buying some Indian Runner hatching eggs and breeding for color. I'm particularly interested in blues, lavenders, silver, etc. I was also thinking it would be fun to show them. But I want to know if it's ok that I breed for "fun" colors (and conformation).

I have no idea how showing Runner ducks works, so I'd be very grateful if somebody can explain each and every detail for me.

Unlike other ducks Runners are judged in a group on the ground. A ring is set up & the ducks, by class & colour, are placed in the ring with the judge. [The judge goes in on his/her own, not placed there]
The ducks are then "run" in order to best display their type. There is, of course, a standard they are judged against. For each colour there are 4 classes: old male, old female, young male & young female. The best of each colour [variety] then all go back in the ring together & are judge against the standard & each other to select Best & Reserve of Breed.
You can, of course, breed for "fun colours or any other way you choose; they're your ducks. However, non-standard varieties can only go as far as Best of Variety. They can not be considered for Best of Breed.
Thanks! So, Is lavender considered a standard or non standard variety? If not, I could still show a duck of that color and possibly get best of variety, but not move on to try for best of the breed?
Lavender is not a standard colour in Runner Ducks. BOV would be the highest possible placing.
Thanks again.
I'm going to buy some hatching eggs soon and am not sure what kind of runners to buy. lol.
Are you sure that you have a Self Blue "Lavender" Runner?
The reason I asked is because I haven't seen or herd of a Self Blue "Lavender" Runner.


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