How do eggs/chicks develop?

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    I know the topic sounds straight forward. But I want to understand how a hen can start a clutch of eggs and not be present on the nest all day letting the eggs cool. She lays the first egg and later begins siting on all the eggs for 21 days laying 1 more egg each day. How is it possible that they all hatch at the same time when laid on different days? I know chickens are magical but I want to understand this magic. Thanks.[​IMG]
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    That's because she doesn't start incubating till she has a clutch assembled. Once she starts sitting continually, she doesn't lay any more eggs until a couple months after the chicks hatch.
    There will be little development if she's only on the nest a half hour or an hour to lay each egg because it takes a while for internal egg temperature to get to the point to cause cell division.

    If you have other hens, they will volunteer eggs to the nest so it's important to mark all the eggs that are under her at the onset so you can remove any added later.

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