How do I bond with them?


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Apr 22, 2008
Maybe this is a stupid question, but I dont know what Im doing wrong...
Last year I got 8 chicks, I held them, fed them, cleaned their "coop" every single day... they still dont "like" me. I keep reading how people bond with their chicks and the chickens love to see them etc etc, why dont mine

I got 15 chicks on Wed. (5 bantams, 5 black sex-link, 3 RIR and 2 buff orph). I will of course do the same with these clean their coop everyday hold them love them lol etc. Is there something else I should be doing? Should I hold one at a time a few at a time? I have them in my basement under heat til they get their feathers (of course). Should I bring them upstairs and play with them? I dont want to over do it with them but I want my chickens to like me

TIA for your help


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Apr 8, 2008
SW Indiana
I usually sit with mine for awhile ... when they are inside and then when they go outside. Once they are older, I pet them but only really hold the ones that seem to want to be held. Each bird is different, I've found. I've got one that loves to be held and petted. It's the same one that when I would open the brooder, she would fly to the ledge, then when she was able, flew to sit on my shoulder. The others run to see us when we drive up but they don't care to be held at all.


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Nov 10, 2008
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I got 8 chicks last year and despite handling and food bribes they never really took to me at all. Now they are older there are 4 of the original 8 that will allow me to pet them but only while they are on the roost. None of the others seem to have any interest in me and two are actually still quite scared when I come around.

This year I ordered 27 Wyandotte chicks from MM. I was afraid that the same thing would happen again. However, at 2 1/2 weeks old, I've got 15 out of the 26 that lived through shipping, that love to see me whenever I come in the room. They will rush to the end of the brooder where the opening is and several will immediately jump out onto the edge. They happily jump up on my hand to get petted and they will readily accept treats of all kinds. They will sit on my shoulder for long periods of time just listening to me talk to them.

The other 11 are still very standoffish, there are three of them that will come get treats from my hand but run if I try to touch them. These ones will not jump on my hand and huddle in the back of the brooder whenever I come around (unless I'm bringing the feeder full of fresh food in which case they don't think of anything but the food and will jockey for a place at the feeder while I lower it into place).

So in conclusion, I have decided that it really depends on the personality of the chick, some will like you, others may not, even when they are all treated the same.


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Jan 26, 2009
That's what I was thinking. The Marans and the EEs are nice but none of them are as sweet and enthusiastic as my BR chic. BRs rock!!! (so glad I got her even though she's the only one without special eggs...)


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Feb 13, 2009
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I give mine bread treats. Their about 8 wks. old and I can't keep them off of me. They love the bread, also started giving them a little bit of greens; but they l get a little bit of the runs so be careful!
Have a 8 wk. old little Welsummer Roo that has a Huge comb and waddles,want's to crow. He's so funny, sounds like he has a sore throut. Have one pullet Leghoren that will crawl all ove me to make sure she get in first in line and a big RIR/PR that is second in line.
Their Fun;

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