How do I butcher?

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    Ok, I have two almost 1 year old roos (BRs) that need butchered and because we can't find anyone willing to butcher them looks like I (gulp) have to do it. My questions are:
    1. What is the quickest, humane, clean way to kill them?
    2. How do I remove the crop? I've shot a deer before and have a basic Idea on gutting but any help appreciated.
    3.Should I try to skin them or scald them and pluck them, if so how?
    4. After all that do I need to put them in brine or anything, and how is the best way to cook them their almost a year old, and they will be tougher right?
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    There are two stickies at the top of this page that will help you.

    I find that the most stress free way for you and the bird is a killing cone and a sharp knife to the jugular while the bird is upside down. Ive used the axe before and I much prefer this method.

    Good luck!
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    we used a stump and an axe! [​IMG]
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    1) Debatable- either chop the head or slit the throat. Either way works.

    2) See the sticky thread by Frugal

    3) It depends- skinning is probably the easiest and fastest method if you've never done it, but then you obviously miss out on the skin and sometimes some meat. It's pretty simple though. Just make a cut in the skin and tear it off. When you get to the elbow, knees and neck, cut them off.

    4) You don't NEED to brine them, but you need to throw them into ice water and let them cool/rest overnight. If you freeze or eat them right away, they will be tough, and if you cut them up right away, your cuts won't look good, as you need to wait for rigor mortis to go away before you cut through muscle.
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