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May 17, 2017
I finnally let my 4 year old chickens out in the yard. Was scared to as we have a dog. But no problems doing so found out. He hasn't payed any attention to them. Now for my question. I am getting 12 new baby chickens soon. I know how to raise them. I know you are suppose to keep them penned up for a week in the coop after the brooder. So they get used to the coop. How soon can I let them out in my yard. Very new to the yard thing. The other 4 chickens will be someplace on the property or gone. So they won't attack the new ones. Do I keep the new ones in the coop and run for a period of time. To get used to the new place. Please give me ideas. Thank you for your time.


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Jul 16, 2015
If it's warm enough out my chicks go out in a temporary movable run their first week. A 5 gallon bucket placed on it's side in the sun will heat up like a brooder. They go back to the regular brooder at night or stay there if it's raining or I'm not home.

I don't let them go free until I integrate them into the coop at 4-8 weeks. After a time in a pen in the coop I start letting them out, than lock them up at night. They slowly range further and eventually they are fully free ranged and are free to roost where they want in my shed.

This is a fence I use when they are smaller.

This is the larger one I set up. I also provide shade, either with a board leaned up against the fence or a chair that they can go under.

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