How do I find out about showing?

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    I'd love to get my daughter into showing her favorite chickens. Without a 4-h background, I don't know anything about it (my only show experience is with dogs, and I hope the chicken show-world is less political!) First, how do I find shows around here? Is there a listing somewhere? Thanks!
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    Hi there - I was in the same boat that you are, as I had only shown horses, and my son and I wanted to start showing our chickens. I contacted our local 4H extension office, and got him in with a really low-key laid back 4H group in our area. His first show is the 16th of this month, and he is preparing to take some of our chicks to fair this summer. Other than that, the American Poultry Association offers a junior membership for $10, though you might check out their website first and see how much they do in your area (or your local 4H office might know)...our summer fair is an APA sanctioned event, so my son will be showing both 4H and APA.
    Good luck!! Hope this helps! [​IMG]

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Here's a link to the New Hampshire Poultry Fanciers Association website:
    You should be able to contact any of the officers for some guidance. The best thing I could suggest is go to a show & ask some questions. Most of us like nothing better than talking chickens.
    I show dogs too-poultry shows are less political but not totally apolitical.
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    we went to 4-H Poultry Club last for the first time. They had a judge there and he went thru all the classes and what he looks for and what the kids should do. How to take the bird out and present it. The difference between Showmanship, Layer, Boilers, and Exhibition.

    He was very good and answered any question even if it sounded stupid.

    Showmanship is when they are judging the person showing the chicken. The child should know about the breed, its history, hatch date. He said you should remove the feeder and water if possible before you get bird out, remove the bird -head first. (so you don't mess up the feathers) Make sure you close the door. Take it over to judge and they will look over the bird and ask you questions. return the fird head first and smooth the feathers. close the door. Then ask the judge if there is anything else he would like to know.

    Layer is about the bird and what the child knows about the chicken. make sure that you have a good breed characteristics for layers. Know how to tell what color egg a chicken will lay by looking at it. Make sure it is laying at the time of show. They will check.

    Boilers. pairs. make sure to get same size or close birds. same sex if you can. Make sure it is clean because boiilers tend to be messy. free from clisters and bubble foot. Make sure you have a bird with firm breast. (can you believe that a man asked was soft breasts I wanted to say the absence of silicone).

    A Bird that is as true to breed as you can get.
    no broken feathers or missing feathers.
    color of feathers according to breed.
    color of shanks
    confirmation according to breed.
    This is judging the bird only. sometimes the kids aren't even required to be there when judging is going on.

    hope this helps.

    He said to practice washing your birds and taking them out of cage.

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