How do i get my hens lay in their nesting box?


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Oct 8, 2020
My hens are at the age to start laying, but they won't go into the area where the nesting boxes are, never have. I've read online about using the ceramic eggs to encourage them to lay where they're supposed to, but mine don't even go close to the little house part of their coop where the nesting area is, so how will they even see them? How can I encourage them to go in there?!

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May 10, 2020
too close to Waco, TX
When they're ready to lay, they'll start looking for places to lay. They undoubtedly know where your nesting boxes are but, because the urge to lay isn't present yet, they're not showing any interest. Of course, they'll make mistakes and lay in the dirt, in the coop, in the grass, etc. but they will eventually get the hang of what their body is telling them and the nest box will soon enough be the place. And, as sure as chickens turn pellets to poop, ALL your chickens will use the same nesting box, sometimes even two at a time and one on deck.

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