How do I get my silkies to lay in the nest???


12 Years
May 22, 2007
south east MI
Are they slow to learn or do they need somekind of special nest? 3 of the 4 just started to lay, the other one started last fall. The one that was laying, does it in one of the lower nests. The 3 new ones lay on the floor of the coop, and I just found one outside on the ice!! I have put them in the nest so they can see it and they won't lay there....what do I do??? any helpful advice woud be appreciated
Is your nest box on the floor? Mine actually sits on the floor and all 3 Silkie hens are laying in the nest.

How long have you had them in their current house. My Silkies have been in their house for about a month. I kept them inside for the first week, then let them out, one of the girls layed outside, so I kept them inside for another few days. Since then, all eggs are in the house and in the nest. Maybe give it a try.
No the nest isn't on the floor, but it is very close to the floor. The other silkie girl makes it in there to lay. I did think about that though, I put a make shift nest filled with hay on the floor wedged into the corner. It was a smallish plastic storage basket and all the big standard girls walked all over it and tipped it over and pushed it around the room!! Weve had these chicks since the fall and they rarely leave the coop. Maybe I should put a little wooden box on the ground and screw it to the wall so it won't move...
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