how do i get rid of a skunk


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Ok we need it gone! My house is stinking we think there is one liveing in our basement! How do we get rid of its ? Will balls scare it away?s
Usually I recommend a .22 long rifle. In your basement? How the heck? Hmm..... If you trap him he will spray. You don't want him to do that in your basement.

Are you sure he is "in" your basement? Maybe he just sprayed outside. They can smell like they are inside your nose when they are still a ways away because they havce such a strong scent.

If he is in your basement you might try to lure him out with some kind of bait. Make a trail out.

Normally I just shoot them, but not knowing any more about your situation I hesitate to recommend that due to being in the basement, etc.

Spring. Skunk mating season. Don't ya just love it?
This is the third time the house smells from the basement to the second floor i have seen a white one on our back porch this past summer i dont smell it outsidd just in the house the basement is very easy for anything like to get in our house is over 200 years old i meant if we lay down the moth balls throw out the basement will they make it leave lol
If you can watch for it and shoot it in the head with a 22 rifle when it is outside, that is the best way to go. Or, you can set a trap, and skunks LOVE LOVE LOVE grape jelly. I saw that on Billy the Exterminator. Then you can just take the cage, stick it in the back of a pickup truck, and relocate it.

I'd shoot it though.....
We have one that gets under the building at work. I have to smell it all day.I thought about the mothballs too.
How in the world would the skunk smell the mothballs over his own stink? So I didnt do it.
I would remove any food items ,Cat,dog, eggs,Garbage its comming in for a reason.It may want to make a den or looking for food.
Cover any holes around your house.I covered the ones at work and I think skunky moved on.
Shooting them in the head usually results in the stink being released. An old trapper friend of mine said to shoot them through both lungs and they are more likely to not spray.
All the ones I shot in the head sprayed. A few that I have hit in the lungs didn't spray.

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