How Do I Get Them to Lay in Another Nesting Box?

What is your current nest box set up? how many boxes are there? Are they moveable? If so, you could move them to "shake things up a little" to get them to reset their routine. Or you could block the one they seem to be crowding into. Then they might decide to use the other ones. They might, I say, because some can be rather stubborn.
There are 2 boxes exactly the same 12X12 setting side by side. I never thought of blocking the one box off. Dang I like this website. I'm going to try that THANKS!
I put fake eggs in the nest I want them to lay. Plastic easter eggs do the job.
The other hens get jealous and lay there too!
They started laying in this box even though both boxes had golf balls in them. I had to remove the golf ball from the one they all lay in because the eggs would crack against the golf ball. The other box has had a golf ball in it the entire time but they don't give a 'squawk' about it. I'll try blocking of the favorite nest box to force them to go to the other to lay but I don't what will keep them all from laying in that 1 box. (same problem) They are so cute, its almost has if they have a schedule worked out among them - to use the one nest box. I feel so silly.
i have 4 chickens and all of them lay in the same nest. i have never had any break because of it. Should i try to get them to lay in separate boxes?
You should keep doing what works for you. Maybe my girls are just clumsy, the broken eggs don't happen everyday. Just enough for me to be concerned. I definitely don't want them to start eating the eggs. Maybe I'm just overreacting. I'm new at this.
I have a 4 foot area for them to lay in. Make shift nest boxes. 3 have picked the Lt hand corner and 1 has picked the Rt hand corner. A 5th hen that always layed on the Lt side of the previous hen house and just started laying again, also picked the Lt box. Why? I don't know!
I have 3 double wide nest boxes in my coop and the 10/12 layers all lay in the same side of 1 box. Makes for an easier collection, and I haven't had any breakages yet. My only problem has been the bottom pullet was pecked and forced out the other day, quite a bit of blood on her comb. So yesterday when I did the coop clean-up I put fresh hay in each nest box and a few fake eggs I picked up at the store. We'll see this morning when I go down if it worked.

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