How do I go about processing my first Rooster?


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Jul 16, 2011
Not being able to get rid of six roosters I dont know what else to do besides to eat them
. I have never done this before with my own poultry, but I do eat chicken, but obviosuly the bought chicken comes from somewhere. How do I go about fatten them up, whats the best food to fatten them up, and any other advice from people who have been through this processing before would be welcome.

We just processed 5 extra roos yesterday. We've always eaten our extra roos, and they have been WAY better meals than store bought, factory farmed chicken. I was apprehensive about a year ago, when I processed my first. The first one is the most difficult, and they get easier after that. Go to youtube and search chicken processing. I learned how by watching videos. Good luck!
As far as 'fattening them up', no need really. Best age for processing roos is around 16-20 weeks, if you want to prepare them as you would store bought chicken. After that, the best results are slow roasting in the oven, or a slow cooker. Slow cooking the older birds produces very tender meat. Some people will 'fatten them up' by feeding extra corn for 2 weeks, but I don't worry about that.
Best time to process is morning, as they haven't eaten for 12 hours or more. This empties the crop and ensures that most of the intestines are emptied as well, much less mess.
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