How do I introduce a bantam game rooster in with my flock of 3 bantam hens?


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Jul 29, 2013
South Carolina
I have 3 bantam oeg bb reds in a coop, they been together for 11 months now without a roo, and im buying them one next week hes some time of OEG bantam just now surr breed hes tol young to tell, Thanks
Me, I'd just throw him in there. You might want to play it safe though and put him under a milk crate or cage first to see how they react to each other. The hens might see him as an intruder and flog him at first.
Do you let you hens free range?

If so I would keep the rooster separate for about a week to give him time to settle in and make sure he has no diseases to give to the hens.

Then let them all out to free range together.

There should be no problems as they have space to get to know each other and they can just run off or hide if things get bad.

Then in the evening let them all roost in the safe coop........

If you do it like this there should not be any problems.

have you got some photos of them?
They dont free range, due to their size they are OEG bantam hens, but i decided not get the rooster cause hes mix breed and im use them showing i want full blood games, thanks, how do i introduce hens to 2 roosters that free range? Thanks
So u keep the hens coop up for a week then let them roam free with them, I hope this works i cant catch my roosters, so they have to stay free ranging maybe thyll go in coop at night to roost since the hens do once i let them out, they roost in a tree above the coop, nevet had free chickens so im new to it, thanks
I'm confused now and don't understand exactly what you want to do.
If you aren't going to let the hens free range, then pen the roosters up with the hens.
If you're going to let the hens free range then just turn them loose.
Sounds like what you're wanting to do is let them all free range together, then they all return to the pen together to roost. In that case lock them all up in the pen for a week to program the roosters that the pen is their new roost, then after a week turn them all loose. If so, be aware free range roosters might turn agressive toward each other when confined to a pen.
Ok im sorry i confused you, my question was for a totaly different breed and I was on my cell and left that detail out, I have 2 big OEG mixed standard roosters that free range i cant catch them cause they were mis treated by the previous owner, they starting to trust me now, anyways i want to get them some hens to free range with them, but ill just keep hens in coop till they get used to each other, im get them next week, how long do i keep the hens in the coop? Thanks sorry that u got confused
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It's cool, :) When you get you new big hens keep them penned for a week so they know where their new home is then turm them loose and they'll free range with your big roosters then go back to the pen to roost.
Ok thanks will the roosters roost in the house with hens? Right now they go up in a tree, i thnk thy are afraid of the coop, but i hope the hens can get thm go in cuase I worry they gonna get eaten by a predator :(

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