How do I introduce new birds?


11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
Waterbury Center, VT
We just got our first birds on Sunday and already we have a question for you. (I got most of my other questions answered by browsing the forum.)

We have one year-old Rhode Island Red and two seven month olds (Buff Orphington and a golden girl -- forget her breed). So far, the RIR rules the joint. The others aren't able to get near the food when she's in the coop and they huddle in one of the two laying boxes when they're all in for the night. The RIR took up residency in the other laying box tonight.

I've read about ways to keep hens from sleeping in the laying boxes, but I'm reluctant to kick them all out when two seem to be getting bullied. We figure it's best to let them work things out for a few days, since this is only their second night in the new digs. Suggestions?

BTW, our coop is fairly small at 3'x4' with the two nesting boxes attached to an external wall (so they don't take up floor space). Our roost is about 3.5 feet long and the same height as the lower opening of the laying boxes.

Thanks for helping another total chicken newbie.

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