How do I introduce new pullets to a new coop/run ?


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Sep 24, 2008

I was wondering if you could clear something up for me

I thought i read somewhere on this board that when introducing new chickens you should let them stay in the coop for a certain amount of time so they get used to their new home

My pullets are not going to be able to free range, they will have a run so do I need to do this?

I dont currently have any chickens so they will be coming all at once to an empty new coop

any advice for this newbie would be greatly appreciated



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May 23, 2008
all i did is put them in there so they can get thier spot in the pecking order, it is funny how they get thier hackles raised but they will be fine if you keep taking them out then they wont know thier status. but as always keep an eye just in case they decide to get too carried away


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Jul 9, 2008
If they are old enough to be kept outside then I think they can go in to the run too. You may have to check to see that they do put themselves inside at dusk (you will want to close the pop hole door anyway as extra insurance against nocturnal preditors) and encourage them to go to bed if they don't. Put them in the house initially and as soon as they seem comfortable in it you can let them out.

The purpose of keeping them confined is that it is hard to get free ranging birds to return to a place they have not yet decided is the best and safest roost. They are quite likely to prefer a tree somewhere.

The only catch I can see is if your run is big enough you can't herd them in should they become ambivalent about the coop. If this seems likely you could temporarily section part of the run off and reduce their "range" for a day or two.

Oh and put out plenty of food and water in multiple locations for a few weeks to ease the transition while everyone is getting used to each other and the new setup.

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