How do I keep my free range chickens off of my carport?


9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
We have 16 acres for 9 chickens to roam on and they always end up on the carport. They would rather sit there instead of eating grasshoppers. How can I keep them off of the carport. They are making a mess. Thanks. BP
Unless you put up some sort of fence they won't stop. I got the same problem here between my patio and my driveway they seem to LOVE pooping on concrete! I have gotten used to hosing the driveway and patio down everyday after they go in for the night
i thought it read carpet not carport!

i was thinking now that's free range Do they have access to the tv remote too?
My hens loved my back deck and I was getting used to hosing it off, then one day I decided to try leaving the hose charged with a nozzle on it and lightly spraying them any time I saw them on the deck. I'd also hose the poop off and get the deck wet, which they don't seem to like either. The aversion therapy worked, just like spraying a cat with a spray bottle for clawing the furniture, they decided there was somewhere else they would rather be. The back deck is not the most comfy place in he yard anymore.

Catch a few grasshoppers for them and kill them, then call the hens and make a bid deal of them, clucking and pecking at them with your finger. They just might not have figured out how good they are yet.
For some reason, it doesn't bother me that my chickens like to come onto my back porch by the back door (to the kitchen) and spend time there. I find it endearing to listen to them. The poo is a minor issue - for me. I have one of those washable patio "rugs" made of polyester, I think it is, I bought through QVC. Attractive and easily hosed off. Much nicer than the old wood floor of the porch.

I would imagine if I ever had any visitors, they might find it objectionable.

And I think it might annoy the heck out of me if they free ranged at the front of my house and I stepped in chicken poop while going to the car in my work shoes. I see the problem, now that I've thought it through.

Wouldn't a cute picket fence look nice around your carport?
If you feedthem there then they will come.
If they love you and they oftenfind you there, they will come.
I ration the feed. A small breakfast and then they have to forage all day unitl just before bedtime I will give them a little more. A hungry chicken will not lay around as much. A spray with the water hose may help. A mean dog chained by athe carport. A fence. Give them their own carport. Say please"Cluckcluck", who knows.
This is what I do too. I just leave the nozzle by the back door and when I see them wandering into my expensive flower garden, I open the door and shoot them with water. Now, granted, this takes some babysitting on my behalf, but it's worth it. Also, I have to re-introduce this water-aversion-therapy each spring as they seem to forget over the winter that they're not allowed in there, but by mid-summer they've gotten the point. So many other spots to go check out where the manic human will leave them alone...

good luck
This topic has been a BIG problem around here. Today I decided to turn my misters on to see how they would react. So far so good! They have been out of their coop for five hours and have not hung out on my patio, YIPEEEE! I think I found the cure

My misters tend to put off more water than normal, but it is great when the weather is hot.

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