How do I keep my Polish from getting her head feathers picked?

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    Jan 16, 2015
    I have two Polish in my flock. The rest are Cochin and Easter Eggers with a Wyandotte Roo. The Polish are a year older than the rest. After keeping several different breeds over the past few years, I've decided I like the Polish best. Ordered a bunch of Polish chicks for next month.

    My problem is that one of my Polish hens, Betty, has had her head feathers picked out from Day One. The bigger Easter Eggers are the culprits -- we've witnessed it on several occasions. Betty does not run away, however, or act like she's intimidated in the least. Betty is not at the bottom in the pecking order -- the lowest is one of the smaller Easter Eggers. (PS - The other Polish has never been touched!) The roo is well-behaved towards all the hens and doesn't damage any of them when mating.

    Betty is healthy, excellent at free-ranging, not timid, and lays well. However, her poor bald head fringed with feathers makes her look like Friar Tuck.

    We have tried blue-cote, vaseline, even black tree paint. These all work for a few days but then must be reapplied. I've heard that separating Betty will only make things worse for her when she's re-introduced. And what about the Polish chicks I'm getting? They'll outnumber the Easter Eggers, but will they all end up bald too?

    Do I need to get rid of the Easter Eggers entirely? My hubs will be sad to lose his blue breakfast eggs.

    Could use a fresh perspective! What do you suggest?

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    You will not want to hear what I do or suggest but here goes. Never had this problem with the polish or the silkies, or the Japs, or the young chicks or the medium size chickes, or, or!!! Separate Pens for all of the different breeds/sizes----works great for me.
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