How do I know they're eating?

Mimi E

In the Brooder
May 18, 2020
I adopted 3 mature hens (4-5 yrs old best guess) who grew up on "scratch" feed. That's what I've been tossing into their coop (along with some calcium and, and bug/worms for a treat). They daily forage around the forest ferns and cedar trees, enjoying worms and bugs and get a dose of cracked corn in the evening around 3:30 before our 4:30 sunsets. They love certain kitchen leavings, including raw fat trimmings off of meat. However.... their 4 x 8' coop floor (just protective screen placed directly on the ground) seems to be loading up with leftover feed. (I am using the "layering" method of pine shaving pellets and some food grade DE, and their feed). Could they only be eating the seeds they like out of the scratch mix? Should I make them learn to eat from a feeder so I know if they are getting adequate food and nutrition? They look and act healthy - no eggs this time of year in the pacific northwest (inadequate light) so I can't judge laying habits.

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