How do I know which chicken is laying?

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    Apr 27, 2012
    So I was posting in egg countdown, but thought I should start a new thread since I am up to 5 eggs now in the first week! Yahoo! So not really counting down anymore but looking excitedly in every day to find a new little egg. But, I am now trying to figure out who it is of the 5! I have caught one girl in the nesting box three times, so I know she is definitely laying. I haven't seen anyone else in the box so I assumed she was the only one, but we found one in a different spot right by the door on the ground on Sunday. So yesterday, I compared the 5 eggs (I haven't had the heart to eat them yet) and it looks like it could be two different hens. Am I right or could these all be from the same girl? Thanks for your help!
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    the best way to find out who is who is to try trap nesting
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    Looks like two different culprits, but don't go by me. My girls have me totally bamboozled.

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