How do I know which eggs to remove? Starting to Panick...

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  1. I'm halfway through the incubation and I peeked the other day for the first time at a couple of them and one was moving around, and then last night I quickly shone the flashlight on top of some others while sitting in the tray and saw some disturbing results.

    I should pre-empt this with noticing 2 days ago a darkish color emerging on the side of one of the eggs.. still not sure what that is.. but it wasn't there before

    So.. I'm starting to panick about ruining the other eggs. The pictures I've seen of contaminated eggs look like what I THOUGHT I saw, in my really quick glance.

    I was thinking that I should fashion a candler here in a minute and candle them all, what do you think?

    How SHOULD they look? They are on Day 13
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    Jan 30, 2007

    at this site and see if this helps you...

    Take a small mag. flashlight, darken the room and candle from the big end down into the eggs. Day 13 the embryo should be a good size and alot of them have movement you can see....

    If that egg is smelling or weeping I would remove it as it could explode...
  3. Thanks Tuffoldhen,
    Well the results of our candeling session is as follows

    13 viable eggs left in the bator
    14 non viables, about half quitters in two stages and the rest clear as a bell.

    I know I only ordered a dozen, and got 27 and I should be thrilled I have what I have left, and I'm sure tomorrow I'll smile again.. but for now.. I'm a tiny bit sad.

    thank goodness America's Got Talent is coming on... that always makes me feel better!
  4. Tuffoldhen

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Chin up, thats still not bad at all for shipped eggs...Good luck with your hatch...Go watch TV!!....
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    Yay for the good eggs! Sounds like good developing for shipped eggs, I have heard some horror stories about those on here, glad to hear most of your are doing well!!!
  6. Thanks Kelli!
    I'm excited this morning again... although I need to figure out what to do with these culled eggs from last night.

    I have 12 black eggs & 1 Blue (which is a 50/50 chance of being blue or black as I understand it) so maybe, just maybe, we'll get our first blue fuzzy butt!
  7. Clear eggs i just drop down the garbage disposal. If eggs have gone full term and have not hatched, i will sometimes open to see what might have gone wrong. Not sure i would want to open up half-grown quitter eggs. If it were me, i would wrap them in plastic bags and put in the trash. But that's just me, i'm a wimp.
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    Mar 3, 2008
    Definitely open them outside if they were quitters... trust me. Not all of them are stinky, but all it takes is one. [​IMG] :aww I know ALL about throwing out eggs from my hatches, and I totally understand the disappointment that they didn't all make it. I just placed the ONE remaining blue orpington egg from a BYCer in the hatcher yesterday (one out of 12), and I'm focusing all my positive hatching vibes on that one egg. [​IMG]
    Hope the rest of your babies come through for you! [​IMG]
  9. airheart....
    Clear eggs i just drop down the garbage disposal.

    off topic but... did you know

    that when you put something down the disposal, you also flush with it, clean (and in short supply) water. That then flows all the way to a treatment plant. where energy, chemicals, and MORE water is used to seperate the egg from the water, and then to treat the water and send it back to the system...

    just something to think about.. landfill would be better, at least it would decompose naturally and is sometimes used for methane gas power.

    I don't have that option here... I'm on septic & we have to deal with our own disposal, although I can haul bags off to go to landfill, we don't usually take too much there.

    So I'll try modifying your second option, plastic is also bad, and wrap them in paper and bury them under our full time compost pile, at least this time.

    Thanks, and I hope that helps you too​
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    i give all my no-good or soft eggs to my barn cats or sometimes my dogs. never hurts them and they never go looking for eggs either.

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