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13 Years
May 29, 2010
How do I know my new chicks are ok?
They are in a small bin, they have water and food, but I don't think they are eating or drinking. It's only been a day, btw. There's a red 250watt heat bulb over one edge. They lay near each other, a little bit away from the heat, but stay wherever I place them.
They seem to quiver a little and kinda slowly fall asleep standing then lay, like those videos on kittens falling over asleep.
I have no idea....
Make sure that you have dipped their beaks in the water. If I see one that I think looks like it needs to drink I pick it up and dip the beak again. Also when new chicks sleep sometimes they do look dead. It scared me the first time.
I have dipped them, the first time hours ago, they drank. Last time I did it, they thought I was just annoying.
Is it normal for them to quiver in your hand, still under the light?
Make sure they can get away from the heat. You need to put the bulb on one side of the brooder (like I see it is) so that if it's too hot, they can go to the other side. It may be that it's still too hot at the farthest spot from the bulb. Use a thermometer to see what the heat is at both ends. First week should be around 95 but I've heard people say that their chicks liked 90 on the first week.

Also, put paper towels down for the first few days instead of newspaper and pine shavings. After you take out the paper towels,have the chicks on the pine shavings only.

Scatter the started feed on the paper towels for a day or so, so that they find the food.
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When they were free in the bathroom, they divided and slept off in corners. The bathroom is cold w/o the lamp.
I will see if I can find my thermostat. But the far side is much cooler to my hand than under the bulb, it's about 2ft up also.
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81F in the cool corner. They are up and there's shavings in the water, food all gone and a poo on the wall, lol. Seems the stress of driving 2hrs made them very sleepy and inactive. ^.^
How do I get them to like me and not peep and run off...?
IE, what treats can tiny chicks get?
I check on them every few hrs, add food, clean out stuff from the water and they keep eating and pooping, yay.

Pics!! Ideas on age based on size? I'm guessing 1+week.

1st chick. Blue?




2nd chick, sorry, only one pic.

3rd chick, partridge.



That's a pretty big bulb for a couple of chicks. i use a 75 watt heat lamp purchased in the reptile section of a pet store. Your chicks look around 1-2 weeks. It's been a while since i've had babies, so someone else may have a better eye. 80-85 degrees or so would be about right, but you always want to give them the opportunity to get away from the heat. In that first picture it looks like the red from the light extends over the whole basket.

On getting them to like you, just give it time. Holding them, hand-feeding treats, and just hanging out and talking to them helps. On treats, you can give them mashed up hard-boiled eggs. i give all my babies those from the start. At 2-4 weeks you can give them mealworms, a little bit of yogurt, some greens. Just go slow on the treats. You want them to mainly get their nutrition from their feed.

Congrats on your new babies. They are all absolutely adorable!
The light is centered over the right handle of the basket. When I checked on them the time before I took the pics, they were under the light. Midday, 83-84F on the cool side. I will keep checking them and if they loiter on the left, I will move the light either up or the light away. Same thing, but reversed if they huddle for warmth. Either way, I check on them about every 3hrs or so.

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