How do I make chickens lay eggs in coop

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Mar 18, 2019
my chickens are 19 weeks old now and should start laying any day. Since they were 4 weeks old they have been in a large coop with run area at night and let out to free range from sunlight until dark. At night they are locked up in the coop. The free range yard is about 1.5 acres with several hedge rows and thick brushy areas that they can hide in. I'm concerned that they will lay their eggs in these shrubbery areas instead of in their nest boxes. Any advice on how to make them lay in the nest boxes so I don't have to hunt eggs every day? Would it help if I leave them in the coop until mid afternoon before letting them out to free range
I would let them out later, say like noon, so they get the idea they are to lay in the coop, you can put some golf balls, fake eggs in their laying boxes to give them the idea that is where you want the eggs too

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