How do I post pictures of my new chicks?


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Jun 1, 2010
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Hello, could someone please let me know how to post my pics? I have downloaded them, and am trying to post, but when I click on Img, nothing shows up...any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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You can use the "upload" link in the upper blue bar. Once uploaded, at the bottom of the upload page is a link "my uploads", click on the link to find your picture; use the IMG link to paste into your post. Be sure the link looks like this

so this
31162_dsc_0785.jpg ~
Please notice the space and ~ between the picture and the blocks - they were added by me to show you the link - for the picture to show, yours will have no spaces and no ~.

looks like this : [IMG]


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Apr 29, 2010
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Its really easy: put your pictures on your computer then go to the blue bar above and click on 'Uploads". Click the 'Browse" button and choose your photo (double click it) and then click the 'Submit' button. When it loads, there will be two address lines under the thumbnail of your photo. Highlight the second address line, right click and hit 'copy' then paste to your post. It will copy the 'address' but when you submit your post, it will be the picture that you chose. Hope this makes sense-

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