How do I protect her foot!!

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    Mar 23, 2009
    My hen Lucy had a bad case of bumblefoot. I took her to the vet back in Novemeber and she has had a few surgeries since that time to cut out the infection but it is still in the healing process. In the meantime, I have been keeping her in a dog crate on my patio (she normally free ranges all day). Anyway, she is starting to get stir crazy from being in the cage for so long. I would like to put her outside for at least an hour or two a day so she can walk around the yard. The only problem is that I have to prevent the bandage from getting wet/dirty. My husband thought he saw something online about using a tennis ball around the injuried foot. HAve any of you heard of this? Anyone have any other ideas? Any feedback would be appreciated. I put her out for a bit yesterday because I was about to change the bandage anyway and she had a blast pecking in the grass. Thanks!!

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    nettie sells duck shoes that can protect your ducks feet from getting dirty
    heres my duck with them on, he also has bumblefoot, but very mild and im trying to prevent a bigger problem!
    check out
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